First, I’d like to welcome Diana again in our Pathsense team, Sveiki Diana (Welcome, Diana in Lithuanian).

Diana, ESR12, has recently joined the Pathsense network. Her project has a collaborative part with mine, ESR13. To be able for her to understand some of the work done by the previous ESR12, Diana came to Newcastle for 2 days.

In 2 days, we had the opportunity to meet and discuss the project to clarify some parts of the project. That allowed Diana to be up-to-date on that part of her project.

She was enlightened further on the project and received valuable knowledge that will potentially lead to the discovery of the residues that might be necessary for the sensing activity in B. subtilis. She excited to collaborate with us on that part of the project. Finally, we had a great time in Newcastle, she was pleased to meet our Lab, and she is looking forward to meet all the Pathsense Network

We had the opportunity to enjoy dinner and the new Christmas display of a well-known department store. This year’s theme is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, bringing us straight back to childhood.

Enjoy the holidays time!


Looking to meet everyone in Madrid!

Te veo pronto!

Sema Ejder, ESR13