I had the opportunity to go back to my old school in France to introduce “the world of microbes” to children. It was such a lovely experience and I did not expect so much interest !!

I decided to prepare very simple slides only with pictures to illustrate the interest of the research and I focused more particularly about the study of microbes. The children were very interactive, they wanted to relate me all their bad experiences caused by infections. I organized also to carry out some experiments. The goal was to understand how to visualize bacteria that are invisible to the naked eye. I brought some agar plates and I asked to the children to put their hand in contact. Thanks to a previously contaminated plate, I could show them the formation of colonies. I introduced as well the microscopy and I presented pictures of Listeria monocytogenes growing in laboratory media and invading mammalian epithelial cells.

At the end of the afternoon, they decided to draw for me the microbe of their choice. I was very spoiled, I had more than 50 drawings !!! I will keep only good memories from this experience. That was a first for me ! I hope I will have another opportunity to do it !