The Memory Sports Council of Malaysia (MESCOM) offers courses for children in Asia to improve their sensory perception, improve memory, right brain development etc. After getting in touch with one of the founders of MESCOM, PATHSENSE ESR Kah Yen (Claire) attended one of these courses that was held in Malaysia in August 2018 and delivered a presentation on her research to ~13 children. Kah Yen (Claire) subsequently created a video about her research on the PATHSENSE project for MESCOM. This video is now being shown to children during these courses across major cities in China like Shanghai, Zhengzhou and Beijing.

The latest course took place on the 8th December in Xi An, China. Check out her animated video by following this link(You may need to turn on your subtitles for the first few minutes)!

In terms of impact, this video will reach quite a large audience. With 20-30 pupils per class and the rolling out of 2 to 3 classes in each of the 4 selected cities across China, many people will have the opportunity to gain an insight into the work being carried out in the PATHSESE project by Kah Yen (Claire) in NIZO Food Research in The Netherlands.

Other than children, they also provide courses for teenagers and for training teachers and this video will be shown to these audiences also. These classes are designed to develop teaching skills in areas such as high speed calculation, photographic memory, and other right brain developments skills.