Ph.D. candidates from the Department of Food Microbiology at Wageningen University will visit a different country every two years, to exchange academic knowledge with different research institutions, universities, and companies. The destination set for this year is China. The Wageningen delegation 2019 includes 12 Ph.D. candidates in different fields of research, one education and research assistant, Wilma Hazeleger and the head of the department from the laboratory of Food Microbiology, Prof. Dr. Marcel Zwietering.  The departure was the 10th of May and our first destination was Beijing, there we joined a PhD workshop on Biotechnology together with other graduate and undergraduate students from the Chinese Agricultural University (CAU) and Korea University (KU). The event was hosted by Prof. Han Bei Zhong from CAU, who was also graduated from Wageningen University. It was a great opportunity for me to present my PATHSENSE research works in this workshop in Beijing, China. Throughout the day, we had a lot of discussions, idea sharing and interactions among Ph.D. candidates and we managed to also discuss our research topics with the two leading professors from CAU as well as Korea University.