11b. Alina Kyrylenko

11b. Alina Kyrylenko2021-02-16T19:33:24+00:00

Project Description

Diana Gudynaite

Alina Kyrylenko

Early Stage Researcher 11b,
Nizo Food Research

Project Title and Work Package(s): Use sigB mutant survival studies to develop a predictive model based on pathogen behaviour during food processing (WP5)

Objectives: To: (1) generate data on survival of sigB mutants of L. monocytogenes and B. subtilis, in response to novel antimicrobials from Natac in model systems and real foods; (2) develop a predictive model based on these data; (3) validate the model using the antimicrobials in real foods for new preservation regimes.

Expected Results: A predictive model that uses stress response measurements as an indicator of probable pathogen survival behaviour in food processing environments. Development of innovative preservation regimes that have applications in real food products.

Personal Statement

Hi! My name is Alina Kyrylenko and I am from Ukraine. I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Biology (Microbiology Specialization) at V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University (Ukraine) where my interest in food spoilage and pathogenic bacteria was born. That is why later I decided to follow my passion and to continue my studies in the area of Food Science and Food Safety. I was more than happy to be awarded an Erasmus+ scholarship to pursue my Master’s degree in Food Science, Technology and Business, a programme jointly hosted by 3 partner universities: KU Leuven (Belgium), Catholic University (Portugal) and Anhalt University of Applied Sciences (Germany). During my Master’s thesis project I was a part of the KU Leuven research team and investigated inactivation effect of the Cold Atmospheric Plasma (CAP) and Plasma Activated Liquids on biofilms formed by Listeria monocytogenes and Salmonella Typhimurium.

For my PATHSENSE project I will study the stress response and survival of sigB mutants of L. monocytogenes and B. subtilis exposed to various traditional and novel antimicrobials. My position is based at NIZO (The Netherlands).