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Project Description

Algirdas Miksys

Algirdas Miksys


Early Stage Researcher 2,

Project Title and Work Package(s): Structural analysis of L. monocytogenes and V. vulnificus stressosomes (WP1)

Objectives: To: (1) establish the architecture of the core L. monocytogenes stressosome (comprising RsbR,S,T) using cryo-electron microscopy; (2) characterise the influence of RsbR paralogues and sensing defective mutants of RsbR on the overall structure of the stressosome; (3) compare the structures of the V. vulnificus and L. monocytogenes stressosomes.

Expected Results: A model describing the stoichiometry and structure of the L. monocytogenes stressosome, incorporating both core stressosome subunits and paralogues of RsbR. An understanding of how sensing defective stressosome mutants influence the overall structure. A comparative model of stressosomes from distantly related food-borne pathogenic bacteria.

Personal Statement

I come from Lithuania, where I’ve started my studies in Molecular Biology. Since my bachelors in Vilnius University, I’ve been entranced by microorganisms and how the molecular mechanisms inside the cell allow them to engage the environment. During my Bachelors, I worked on a CRISPR-Cas9  system, seeing what components are recquired to defend the cells against ivading DNA, like bacteriophages. During my Master’s degree studies in Lund University, Sweden, I was involved in a project on DivIVA, a protein essential for regulating growth of a filamentous bacterium, Streptomyces coelicolor. The project involved testing how phosphorylation of DivIVA affects its oligomeric state, and coming up with ways to test preference to negative membrane curvature. Figuring out how basic microbial processes, which may mean life or death to the organism, work on a molecular level is deeply satisfying. Currently, structural biology and biophysical methods seem like a good way to figure them out.

305, 2018

Getting a dog.

By |May 3rd, 2018|

We got a dog. Hi, I’m Algirdas. I come from Lithuania, but have also studied in Sweden, and now I ‘ve come to Regensburg, Germany. I have trained as a molecular microbiologist, and just made