Project Description

José Carlos Quintela Fernández

Dr. José Carlos Quintela Fernández, PhD. CSO

CSO and co-founder,

Dr. José Carlos Quintela has a degree in pharmacy (Extraordinary Degree Award) and a PhD in microbiology and biochemistry (Doctors Royal Academy of Madrid award). He is the author of more than 40 scientific publications and patents. His professional working experience includes more than twenty years in the industry, dedicated to the R&D of medicinal plants based drugs. Dr. Quintela is a member of the Phytochemistry Expert Group of the European Pharmacopoeia, Chairman of the Ethics Committee of IMDEA Food Institute (Madrid). Member of Royal Academy of Medicine and Surgery of Galicia (Spain).

NATAC BIOTECH S.L. is an SMEs with headquarters in Spain and international presence in LATAM and the USA. Natac is a leading biotechnology based company specialized in the research & development, production and commercialization of high added value bioactive ingredients from agriculture products and biomass, to serve the needs of different industrial sectors. The success achieved so far can be ascribed to our rapid entrance and consolidation in the pharma, nutraceutical, cosmetic, food and feed markets. Natac’s idea is employing scientific knowledge to develop herbal extracts with scientifically supported bioactivities.

We are specialized in the most innovative extraction and purification technologies, such as pressurized liquid extraction, supercritical fluid extraction, ultrasonic assisted extraction, semipermeable membrane purification, differential solubility purification and crystallization and chromatographic purification among others. We design and coordinates the whole process from the botanical matrix to the final ingredient, including the extraction and functional characterization of the ingredients (in vitro, in vivo, pre-clinical and clinical trials).

Natac has developed an innovative business bioeconomic model based in the valorisation of agroindustrial by-products through the production of high added value natural ingredients. Natac has specialized in the creation of multi-product integrated biorefineries from agricultural and forestall biomass

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