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Project Description

Duarte Guerreiro

Duarte Guerreiro


Early Stage Researcher 3,

Project Title and Work Package(s): Genetic characterisation of the L. monocytogenes stressosome and role in virulence and food survival (WP2, WP3)

Objectives: To: (1) construct defined mutants of L. monocytogenes lacking stressosome components and characterise their phenotypes in relation to stress tolerance and virulence; (2) with UmU identify novel regulatory components that interact with the stressosome using transposon mutagenesis; (3) test the role of the stressosome in virulence and in survival in food matrices.

Expected Results: A detailed understanding of the contribution of each stressosome sensory protein (RsbR and paralogues) to stress sensing and stress response.
Identification of regulatory components that interact with the stressosome. A model describing the role of the L. monocytogenes stressosome in virulence and survival in the food chain.

Personal Statement

I began my academic studies in Portugal, where I studied Marine Biology and Biotechnology (Bachelor) as well as Applied Microbiology (Masters). My master’s thesis was developed at Belfast (UK) and there I assessed the capacity of Klebsiella pneumoniae bacteriocalins (bacterial lipocalins) to hijack antibiotics and increase the bacteria antibiotic resistance. Currently member of Conor O’Byrne’s Lab at NUIG, where I’m developing my PhD research which aims to unveil the mechanisms of Listeria monocytogenes’ stressosome sensing capacity.

The microorganism’s capacity, especially bacteria, to adapt to new environments and to resist stressful conditions has captivated my interest and greatly influenced me to choose research in microbiology as my future career.