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Project Description

Emilija Ivanova esr early stage researcher

Emilija Ivanova


Early Stage Researcher 9,

Project Title and Work Package(s): Identification and characterisation of novel antimicrobial plant extracts using stress-sensing biosensors (WP5)

Objectives: To: (1) exploit the stress-sensing biosensors generated by participants UC and NUIG to screen plant extracts and an existing compound library for antimicrobial activity against L. monocytogenes and B. subtilis; (2) extract, purify and chemically characterise novel plant compounds that have antimicrobial activity; (3) characterise the effects of the newly isolated antimicrobial compounds on cell physiology and virulence in collaboration with CSIC; (4) examine the effectiveness of the novel antimicrobials in food trials.

Expected Results: Development of a new stress-sensing biosensor screen for antimicrobial compounds. Isolation of novel antimicrobial plant extracts and characterisation of their effects on bacterial cells. Validation of the new antimicrobial compounds in a food trial.

Personal Statement

Hi! My name is Emilija, I come from Skopje, Macedonia and I have a Master of Science in Biochemistry/Physiology with a minor in Microbiology. I’ve always had a great interest in bioactive compounds: their isolation, identification and purification, elucidating their mode-of-action and identifying their molecular targets. Bioactive molecules are not only the answer to various human ailments and diseases, but nowadays their use has become irreplaceable in various industrial processes.

1002, 2021

The Antimicrobial Test Conundrum -by Emma Ivonova

By |February 10th, 2021|

Standard A document developed through the consensus process that clearly identifies specific, essential requirements for materials, methods, or practices for use in an unmodified form. Guideline A document developed through the consensus process describing criteria

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