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Project Description

inge van vilsteren esr early stage researcher

Inge van Vilsteren


Early Stage Researcher 11,

Project Title and Work Package(s): Use stress biosensors to develop a predictive model based on pathogen behaviour during food processing (WP5)

Objectives: To: (1) correlate growth and survival behaviour of L. monocytogenes and B. subtilis in food processing environments with the stress biosensor measurements using the σB reporters; (2) develop a predictive mathematical model based on these data; (3) validate this model this model in food and use it develop new preservation regimes.

Expected Results: A predictive model that uses stress response measurements as an indicator of probable pathogen survival behaviour in food processing environments. Development of innovative preservation regimes that have applications in real food products.

Personal Statement

My name is Inge and I am from the Netherlands. My interest for research started during my secondary vocational education when I did a project on Barret’s esophagus for my clinical chemistry study, at ROC Aventus in the Netherlands. My bachelor in Medical diagnostics is from the Hanze University of applied science in Groningen. For my final project of this education I went to Umeå university where I worked in the group of Yuri Schwartz, and gained a deeper understanding about Polycomb Repressive Complexes. My master, biomedicine, I did at Umeå university.

For my master project I worked in the group of Sun Nyunt Wai, on the expression of epigenetic regulators of human host cells after treatment with bacterial outer membrane vesicles.

My research interest has been the effect of genetic on the phenotypical appearance of the cells, and see if the appearance of these same cells can change if you change their genetics.

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