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Project Description

Laura Cutugno ESR

Laura Cutugno


Early Stage Researcher 7,

Project Title and Work Package(s): Genetic characterisation of the Vibrio vulnificus stressosome and role in virulence (WP2, WP3)

Objectives: To: (1) construct a series of defined stressosome mutants of V. vulnificus (gene deletions and site specific mutations); (2) phenotypic characterisation of these mutants in terms of stress resistance, biofilm formation, and surface properties; (3) determine the role of the Vibrio stressosome in contributing to virulence functions including cell adhesion, cell cytotoxicity, resistance to serum and induction of host inflammatory response.

Expected Results: Produce a defined set of mutants that allow the role of the V. vulnificus stressosome to be elucidated. A detailed understanding of the contribution of the stressosome to stress tolerance, biofilm and virulence in V. vulnificus.

Personal Statement

Enthusiastic young researcher. I’m from the south of Italy and there I started my academic adventure. Recently graduated in Biotechnology for the Industry and the Scientific Research at the University of Palermo, with a previous bachelor degree in Biotechnology. I spent one year at University for Applied Sciences (FHNW), in Basel, working on my master thesis, before moving to Galway.

Science is my work and my hobby, I like reading about science but I’m also interested in liberal art. I’m curious and I like travelling, seeing new places and knowing new people and cultures.

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