6. Maria Conway

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Project Description

Marie Conway ESR

Maria Conway


Early Stage Researcher 6,
University of Greifswald

Project Title and Work Package(s): Structure and role of the Vibrio vulnificus stressosome (WP1, WP2)

Objectives: To: (1) clone, overexpress and purify the components of the V. vulnificus stressosome; (2) perform in vitro assemblies with purified RsbR, RsbS and RsbT and work with participant #2 [UR] to determine structure by cryo-electron microscopy; (3) use gel free proteomics to determine the effects of specific stressosome mutations on the phospho-proteome and total proteome of V. vulnificus when subjected to food related stresses; (4) determine whether the stressosome influences the intracellular pools of the signalling molecule cyclic-diguanylate.

Expected Results: A structural model of the V. vulnificus stressosome including a predicted sensory mechanism. A detailed understanding of the role of the stressosome in modulating the V. vulnificus proteome in response to stress. Elucidation of the downstream signalling events triggered by the stressosome in V. vulnificus.

Personal Statement

I have moved to Greifswald, Germany from Ireland to carry out my fellowship in the PATHSENSE project. Previously I have completed my Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology in Trinity College Dublin. For my final year project I researched a functionally unknown (FUN) gene linked to virulence in Salmonella Typhimurium. As in my current project I focus on making chromosomal deletions in genes to elucidate genetic regulatory pathways linked to stress/virulence.

For my PATHSENSE project I will be working on elucidating the Vibrio vulnificus stressosome signalling pathway. Resolving regulatory pathways in pathogenic bacteria is a big interest for me.

1212, 2018

Secondemnt number 1: Regensburg (Baveria)

By |December 12th, 2018|

For my first secondment (temporary work exchange to a different institution), I have traveled from North-East Germany (Greifswald) to South-East Germany (Regensburg) I’m coming from an institute which specializes in proteomics (complete complement of proteins

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