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Dr Marta Utratna Aquila

Dr Marta Utratna


Senior R&D Specialist,
Aquila Biosciences Ltd., Galway

Dr. Marta Utratna was recruited to Aquila Bioscience Ltd. in 2015, as a Senior R&D Specialist focusing on the development of the analytic platforms for environmental sensing and decontamination products against biothreat in collaboration with Czech University of Defence. Currently, she is responsible for the day to day lab management, supervision of Junior Scientists/Interns performing their research projects and for delivering the mandatory reporting in a timely manner.

Dr. Utratna assists the company in technology exploitation by identification and protection of intellectual property as well as assessing commercial potential and marketability of the prototypes developed. She is also involved in seeking funding for further technology research and development by writing grant proposals in collaboration with academic and industrial partners.

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Aquila Bioscience Ltd. is a startup biotechnology company that spun out from the National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG) in August 2012. The company has expertise in life science, with special focus on carbohydrate based biology and its applications in pathogen attachment, infections, immune system modulation, biomarker discovery and biotherapeutics.

Aquila Bioscience is driven to serve and protect society with its knowledge and to develop disruptive products derived from rigorous scientific innovations. The company growth is intended to contribute to the welfare of citizens and customers, create and safeguard jobs and add value to the European economy.

Our employees are highly qualified and experienced and the company supports them with continuous professional development and advanced training. Aquila Bioscience is located at the Business Innovation Center at NUI Galway which promotes Entrepreneurship & Innovation, enhances spin out formation and new business growth by building relationships between Industry and Academia.

In recent years, Aquila Bioscience has secured EU funding under the FP7 and the European Defence Agency calls which were successfully delivered. Currently, the company is involved in projects funded under Horizon2020 for training and bringing its prototypes to market.