13. Sema Ejder

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Project Description

Sema Ejder

Sema Ejder


Early Stage Researcher 13,
Newcastle University

Project Title and Work Package(s): Structure-function relationships within the sensory domains of the L. monocytogenes stressosome. (WP1, WP2, WP4)

Objectives: To: (1) determine the x-ray crystal structure of the amino terminal domains of L. monocytogenes RsbRA and its paralogues (Lmo0161, Lmo1642, Lmo1842); (2) collaborate with participant # UD to solve the structure of mutants variants with altered sensory functions; (3) perform domain-swap experiments combined with proteomics to determine the capacity for functional interspecies exchange of the sensory subunits

Expected Results: Structural models of the sensory domains of the L. monocytogenes stressosome. A testable mechanistic model explaining the sensory capacity of the stressosome (using data from mutant analysis). An understanding of the structural constraints within the system and between species based on the domain swap studies.

Personal Statement

I’ve decided to pursue toward a scientific career as I was really interested by the subject. To achieve my goal I’ve did a 2 years of technical degree in Biology engineering at the Technical University of Colmar in France. Then I had the opportunity to go abroad in Edinburgh, in Scotland, to complete my studies with a Biomedical Sciences Bachelor degree at Napier University.

I wanted then to pursue the Biomedical field by doing a Pathophysiological Master degree at Strasbourg University in France. After validating successfully the first year, I’ve decided to stop with this master degree, as it didn’t really suit me. Then I had the opportunity to go as an Aupair in the United States where I’ve taken Genetic class at Stanford University in California.

Developing this subject lead me to pursue of my studies with a Structural Biology and Bioinformatics Master degree at Strasbourg University in France, which I’ve graduated successfully with honours.

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