5. Torkel Loman

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Project Description

Torkel Loman

Torkel Loman


Early Stage Researcher 5,
University of Cambridge

Project Title and Work Package(s): Modeling the sensory behaviour of B. subtilis and L. monocytogenes in response to food-related stresses (WP4, WP5)

Objectives: To: (1) Perform a single cell time lapse microscopy on B. subtilis cells carrying a fluorescent reporter of σB activity and measure σB activity in response to acid pH, osmotic stress and ethanol; (2) measure the effects of stressosome mutants with impaired sensing ability on the activation of σB a single cell level; (3) produce a mathematical model describing the sensory behaviour of B. subtilis and test this in a food-related setting.

Expected Results: A detailed understanding of how stressosome-mediated stress sensing and signal transduction influences the σB activation in B. subtilis in response to acid, salt and ethanol. A mathematical model that predicts the sensory behaviour of bacteria that will be validated in a food-related setting.

Personal Statement

Previously I’ve studied applied mathematics and biology in Lund, Sweden. My research interest is the application of mathematics, mainly in biology.

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