On the 4th of April 2019 I went on a school visit. I had the chance to talk with school children about science. I engaged with a school class (3VWO) of the Petrus Canisius College Het Lyceum in Alkmaar (Netherlands). The talk was with 15-16 year old students. In the Netherlands this is the point of your school career where they chose the direction they want to go to in the future. This is based on 4 profiles containing basic packages of courses. For this reason it was a good opportunity to talk to this students at the current point in time.

The visit consisted out of two parts. First I gave a presentation about science and my project. This was followed by questions and finally an exercise.

The presentation started off by asking the students what they think is science, and which courses they think is important to do science. After that I explained al little bit more about the courses I currently use. This includes English, Biology, Maths, en Informatics. Thereafter I told some smaller details about where my project is about. Finally I showed an acknowledgement slide, to show a slide which is coming back in all research presentations.

After the presentation was finished there was a possibility to ask questions. To close the visit the school, the students did sit together in small groups, for a small assignment. The assignment was to come up with positive and negative points about being a researcher. Those ideas were share between the whole group. The most interesting description being: ‘It is both a positive and negative thing that you get to travel a lot for your project’.