The PATHSENSE Network planned to run 2 Summer Schools (SS1&2) over the course of the project, the goal of which is to focus on the latest research and make new research links with leading scientists external to the Network.

The second PATHSENSE Summer School entitled “Virulence & Stress Responses: Two Sides of the Same Coin?” will take place in Newcastle UK the week of 24th-29th June 2019. The course will look at the latest developments in our understanding of bacterial virulence, including mechanisms of pathogenesis, gene regulation, sensing and responding to host stimuli, signalling between host and pathogen.

Summer School 1 entitled “Translating Postgenomic Microbiology to Advancing Food Science & Safety” took place in in Groningen NL on 12-13th June 2018 and was coordinated by our partners at Nestle and covered topics in food microbiology including problems of food spoilage and food safety; EU regulations; innovative approaches to improving food safety; and developing new antimicrobial preservation regimes.