Hi All 😊,

A lot of learning and travelling happened since my last post. Thanks to Marie-Curie fellowship.

My first stop was a conference organised in a lovely Irish town, Kinsale. The conference had attendance from all over the world. Excellent speakers discussed their research on microbial stress. Research done at the single cell level particularly intrigued me.

Colourful markets of Kinsale

My next hover was the land of bikes, Netherlands, where we had our summer school. In the University of Groningen, we had an amazing session with people from both government and industry. They discussed how they use research to keep people happy and healthy.

Land of Bikes, Netherlands

Today, I am going to talk about one of my hobbies – bird watching. Have you ever pondered, how these tiny wonders evolved from huge dianasours? I do every time I look at these tiny beasts. Bird watching requires a lot of patience, sometimes you end up watching a bird’s butt for half an hour (I did it last time!).

But, you cannot stop adoring all the diversity birds are blessed with. I like to think of birds as humans, each being special and having a unique role. From the gregarious blue tit to introvert black bird, the list is endless!

Continuing my human analogy, I would like to think of myself as a Wren, a tiny bird with a loud voice!

Tiny and Loud Wren